Offline Library Series

NETZON HMS 8off is the world first smart offline library for managing magazines, achieving a comprehensive query management of offline discs. For use with NETZON Library, flexibility built into the "nearline+offline" mass storage system. For longterm cold data storage in offline libraries, users can greatly ease the nearline storage requirements, not only reducing storage costs and improving overall system performance, but also easily storing off-site data copies.

The HMS plus series of intelligent offline libraries are designed for the standard universal cartridge of NETZON optical disc library for long-term storage of the cartridge. The intelligent offline library uses a standard 19-inch cabinet on the outside and a forward pull-out drawer structure on the inside, where each drawer can be pulled out separately and the cartridge can be taken out or put in from the left or right side respectively. The cartridge taken out from the drawer can be directly placed in the rewinding module, and the mechanical arm automatically grabs the specified optical disc and loads the optical drive to realize data rewinding.