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NETZON (Suzhou NETZON Information Storage Technology Co., Ltd.), located in Suzhou Science & Technology Town, is the owner and product provider of the world's leading optical storage core technology. NETZON provides professional Blu ray storage, CD burning and printing, and CD shuttle equipment, as well as full stack software and hardware integrated solutions to both domestic and international markets.

The rapid development of the information society has directly led to an explosive growth in demand for data storage capacity. The magneto optical hybrid storage series products are becoming the core equipment of modern high-capacity long-term secure data storage systems, widely used in finance, medical, astronomy, remote sensing, data centers, enterprise digitization, as well as various functional departments of the party, government, military, and government. With the increasing demands for data security, regulatory compliance, energy conservation and low-carbon, Blu ray storage is playing an increasingly important role.

Founded in 2007, NETZON has consistently focused on product and technological innovation based on its own intellectual property for over a decade, gradually accumulating and forming core competitiveness in the global market. Especially in the data tsunami caused by global digitization and artificial intelligence big models, NETZON's large blue light cold data cluster is being applied to national level infrastructure, playing a positive role in reducing costs, ensuring data security, significant energy conservation, and reducing carbon dioxide emissions.

NETZON has an international professional product development and management team. Having the most authorized invention patents in the industry in terms of technology, it guides the development trend of near line and offline storage in the product industry. NETZON has established long-term market partnerships with well-known value-added agents and system integrators worldwide, and has a comprehensive agency network, training, and after-sales service system.

NETZON will continue to strive forward on the path of independent innovation and exploring the Blu ray storage market!